Me in 30 Seconds

What is Me in 30 Seconds

A “Me in 30 seconds” is a quick introduction of one’s self. Some people may call it an “elevator pitch”  as this is something you might say to someone if they asks what you do and are constrained to the time you are in the elevator; maybe 30 seconds.

Me in 30 seconds

Throughout my career I’ve striven to strengthen and refine a multifaceted technical skill-set and strong business acumen in order to continuously propel organizational and stakeholder objectives. I make a point to repeatedly exceed all expectations on every level and I’m always engaging in personal and professional development to ensure that my expertise is above par – I’m currently equipped with valid ITIL, CCNA, Scrum, Negotiation Associate, and Six Sigma certifications. As a professional with considerable experience in Product and Project Management and Team Leadership and Development, I’ve been regarded by Executive leadership and colleagues as a collaborative leader who is always ready to tackle the next challenge with the utmost of poise and diligence.

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